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forged clips

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*G450 wire rope clamp meets the requirements of Federal Specification FF-C-450D Type 1,Class 1
*G450 clip is available with drop forged Steel
* Rope clamps’ surface finishing : Hot Dip Galvanized according to ASTM153
* Size 1/8” through 2-1/2” have forged basesand up through 1-1/2” have rolled threads.
* Wire rope clip is used for lifting ,hoisting rigging in hoisting machinery , Metallurgical mining equipment, oil derrick, Port railway handling, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, Land transportation, Engineering rescue.
Qingdao Yiyang rigging hardware Co.,Ltd. used top quality raw material to make all products and keep improving machines and that is why we have so many old customers ,so far have no any complains and the company still continually develop and expand.forged clips
website: ... rope-clip/